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Inspired through playing popular boardgames such as Settlers of Catan. Our Game Timer is designed from the bottom up to improve your boardgame experience.

We have added exciting new features to our popular Game Timer App. Please visit the Apple AppStore now to download it for free.



You have requested and we have listened!

Version 3.1.1

Small update to make this App more useful at the Gym as well:

- Fix to allow Apple music to continue playing while using the App.

- Music is dimmed when an App sound is playing.

Version 3.1.0

- New feature added called: Auto-Next. Auto-Next allows your App to move to the next player automatically when the time runs out. 

- Great feature if you are using the App as a Gym Timer during your work-outs.

Version 3.0.1

We have completely redesigned our popular Game Timer App with the following features:

   - GO PRO to remove Ads 

   - New redesigned Game Setup screen

   - Easy add,  edit,  rearrange and delete players

   - New redesigned Settings Screen

   - Dark Mode

   - Bonus time control for the little ones

   - Disable screen auto-lock

   - Half time alert

The #1 App for your Board Game is now also available on the Apple Watch

Our popular Game Timer App has a little brother and is now also available on Apple Watch. Please visit the Apple AppStore now to download it for free.

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Inspired by a summer trip to New York and the struggle to adjust to the tipping culture in the US. 'TIPPED' is a tip calculator designed to simplify the process of tipping.

Please visit the Apple AppStore now to download it for free.




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